Friday, October 4, 2013

3 outfits 4 colors

                                                                Here's the first look.

The dress  has small black and white checks with a velvet collar. There's a little bow in the front as well.

                                                              Here's the second look.

It's a Rugby shirt dress that I got from my Grammy A LONG time ago. There's a white cami peeking out from underneath.

                                                                      Here's the third look.                                                             


The last look is a cargo shirt dress. It's paired with a navy blue sweater. 
The books are:
Talking Time, by Louise Binder Scott and J.J. Thompson
My Utmost for His Highest , by Oswald Chambers 
(sorry Alyssa, you kinda look like a ghost in the one with the books...)

Ending Notes:
Sorry the photos are so bad. I don't have a camera of my own - YET! I have to take all the pictures with my iPod touch. :(
Also, a big THANK YOU to my little sis for being my model in 100+ degree weather!


P.S. I had planned on including one more outfit, but because of the temperatures outside, it was just too hot...                           

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