Monday, September 30, 2013

25 things about me...


The other day I found this blog 'Serendipity Happens'. It's a unique blog with DIY and beauty posts galore! (witch you know I love!)
Karla, the makeup artist who is the author of the blog, once had a post "25 things about me".

That is where I got my inspiration for my post!
(it's weird that lately i've been doing post titles like 'dreams' and know i'm doing a post on 25 things about me! Ok maybe that's not just stood out to me...)

    Here it goes:
  1. i'm a firm believer that a zebra is WHITE with BLACK stripes
  2. i hate it when people file their nails in the car (or any place for that matter)
  3. i wear invisalign - clear braces
  4. i used to breed fish for a hobby
  5. my first plane ride was this summer
  6. i like school (shock right?!?!) - except math, but i'm trying to change that this year
  7. i've taken ballet for 5+ years
  8. i LOVE to surf and skateboard
  9. i like the smell of sharpies, skunks, horse poo, and gasoline
  10. my personality (or whatever you want to call it) is 70% tomboy and 30% girlygirl
  11. i really want to work with food when it's time for me to get a job
  12. i've only gotten my nails professionally painted 4 or 5 times in my whole life
  13. i have only been in a wedding once. i attended one other wedding
  14. i'm planning to graduate high school 1 year early (i'm also going to be home schooled all the way through high school)
  15. i would rather watch a food network show than listin to taylor swift or watch good luck charlie
  16. when i was in 4th grade, i tested into high school history
  17. my family has had at least one pet all my life
  18. i love to read
  19. i like to draw/color while listing to audio books
  20. i love all things DIY
  21. i have over 45 bottles of usable nail polish
  22. i love my friends and family to the moon and back 100x times!
  23. i try to give everything 110% - everything!
  24. i'm all european except for a little canadian 
  25. a few days ago i found out that i'm finally going to be on pionte in ballet!

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