Wednesday, September 18, 2013


A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon The First Lime. I instantly fell in love with the blog/website and the girl who writes it sounds amazing! (her dog is SO adorable!)
The doodles all over the blog and the story behind the name are equally unique!
Her photography is amazing!

One of the sections of her blog is titled "dreams".
That's where I got the inspiration for this post. :)

write a cookbook
have my own restaurant or work at a fancy one
go to a nice culinary school 
(can you tell i really love the food industry?!?!)
finish high school a year early (3 years instead of 4)
travel to europe and the middle east
get married and have kids
get a car and a house
never be in great debt (nothing that i can't repay)
go to new york
go to hawaii
take a road trip through the south
fly on a plane
ride in a taxi
have people i don't know write comments on my blog
get some followers on my blog
have my own brand of something and have it be well known
invent something useful
make a  wearable skirt
do 100 diy projets
memorize all my  italian granparent's recipes
have 100 bottles of nail polish
redo my room
go on a missions trip
lead 10 people to christ
ride in a helicopter
try food that most people would consider gross
be on the "big screen" at a baseball game
be in the newspaper
be on the radio
be in a magazine (i'm going to be in a few months!)
be on tv
meet bobby flay
meet robert irivne
meet giada de laurentiis
be on a foodnetwork show at least once
meet other food stars
get on pionte in ballet
love my family and friends more!


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  1. Writing a cookbook sounds so incredible! Good luck with your list :)