Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Papa in ICU...


Here's the scoop:
My Grandpa (we all call him Papa) has been in ICU since last Tuesday.
(like I mentioned in another post)
He had a kidney and bladder infection that spread throughout his body and into his blood stream. 
He had to be put on a breathing machine thing. He had it for about a week. He got it out yesterday, though
he's still in the ICU. He will be moved to another room in a few days!
He's been enjoying foods that are on his "list".

More updates to come!

(sorry this post wasn't that long)

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some Summer Nail Art...

Hello all!
Here's some summer nail art I meant to share with ya long ago! :/ :)


Paula Deen kicked off the Food Network

OK, well a few days ago I was at Pick Up Stix (one of my Dad's favorite restaurants) and on the TV was this:
"Breaking News: Paula Deen Kicked Off Food Network".

She apparently said the "N" word either on TV or somewhere else where people could hear. (I've heard different stories about where she was actually heard saying it)
 She was also accused of cracking racist jokes. I guess the cable channel just couldn't take it anymore - they are not continuing her contract.

Here's what The LA Times says:
The LA Times version

I haven't seen anything on her website yet, but here it is:
Paula Deen's Website

Paula Deen


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sad and Sweet....

Hey all!

Good News:
My summer vacation finally started!
I hope I'll be posting a lot more since I don't have school to worry about.
I have 2 REALLY awesome collages that I would like to share with you!

Bad News:
I can't share them with most of you cause they show my face.
(I'm worried about the whole identity theft thing)
SO if you have my e-mail or you can prove to me that I know you, I will share them with you privately!*
My grandpa is in the ER right now.... :(

*Seriously, they are SO cool!!!!!
(I'll just have to find another way to show you guys me new shirt!) :P :D

I have a song from the new Parent Trap movie ringing in my head! LOL!!!!

I know I said that my next post would most likely be about my new shoes ( well I said that like 3 posts ago).
I have so many pics lined up! I just have to find time to crop (and do fun stuff with) them!
But they are coming...


I've been looking at my stats!
Thank you people so much for visiting! NOW PLEASE START COMMENTING!!!!!!!!!!!
ah! *heavy breathing* thank you! :) :D

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank You!!!!!!

I just want to post a big thank you to all of my readers!!!
I recently looked at how many people have read my blog...the numbers are AMAZING!!!
Thanks so much!

Here are the stats (approximately) to date:

The USA = 100
Russia = 30
Germany = 8
United Kingdom = 2
Netherlands = 2
South Korea = 1

Thanks SO very much!
(I know I've said that like 500x times! But I really mean it!)
I thought I was the only one reading my blog! :D :P


Thanks Again!!!!!!! :D :) would make my day if you were to comment!!! :)

P.S. If you post a comment I will include it in my next post! (that goes for any of my posts) :D

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Check This Out!!!!!

I'll get right down to the point...
If you don't want to read anything else on this blog, please just read this...

There is a girl from Grace Christian Academy* who is going on a missions trip to 11 different countries in 11 months! She will be leaving in July (2013). PLEASE give her blog a little visit! (and if you are feeling generous, maybe give her a little $!)

Here's Brittany Buttram's Blog!
(Give it a CLICK! You know you want to!)


*GCA is our home school group! And the best one around too!

(next post will probably be about my new shoes!!!!) :) :D
 You'll just have to wait!!!!!!! 

I Promoted!!!!

YAY! Today I moved up a grade!
(contact me privately if you REALLY have to know what grade I'm in)
It was a long ceremony! Since I'm home schooled, EVERYONE gets to promote (and if you are in 12th grade you graduate like usual). It went from 2:00 p.m until like 5:00 p.m.! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! But it was all good! (Except one of my friends started to fall asleep! :/ :D )
My Mom and I were the only ones from our immediate family that went.
(I say "immediate" cause I have friends that I consider my family)
My sister was in the hospital all yesterday. She was/is very dehydrated so she had to have two IVs for 2 hours. It was very hard on her. I may include more about this past week in later posts.


(You are going to have to enlarge on your own screen)


Monday, June 3, 2013


OK! Here's a quick little post. :)
Well, today I had the stomach flu. :( I threw up about three times within 6:40 am and 8:30 am*.
It was actually one of my better Stomach Flu experiences. (have no clue why I capitalized that) :/
I had the usual bland food to eat.

 The kinda nice part:
 I didn't have to do school. Plus I got to watch TV all day and call one of my good friends! :D

The not so nice part:
I had to miss my last science class. :( Bummer!
(I really enjoyed science this year)
In addition to that, I had to miss my ballet class... :(

Well I'm feeling all better now! :)  I'll be all back to normal tomorrow! YAY!

* Yes, I am sure of the time....

P.S. My sister and the girl I talked to both had stomachaches today too....WEIRD!!!!!

I met Bobby Flay!!!!

Iron Chef Bobby Flay was at the Huntington Beach Barns and Noble about a month ago for one of his book signings. Chef Flay stars in his shows Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction (the title of his new book), Bruch @ Bobby's, Grill It! with Bobby Flay, and Throwdown with Bobby Flay. He co-stars in Food Network Star and Worst Cooks in America.

For more info visit Bobby Flay's website here.