Monday, June 3, 2013


OK! Here's a quick little post. :)
Well, today I had the stomach flu. :( I threw up about three times within 6:40 am and 8:30 am*.
It was actually one of my better Stomach Flu experiences. (have no clue why I capitalized that) :/
I had the usual bland food to eat.

 The kinda nice part:
 I didn't have to do school. Plus I got to watch TV all day and call one of my good friends! :D

The not so nice part:
I had to miss my last science class. :( Bummer!
(I really enjoyed science this year)
In addition to that, I had to miss my ballet class... :(

Well I'm feeling all better now! :)  I'll be all back to normal tomorrow! YAY!

* Yes, I am sure of the time....

P.S. My sister and the girl I talked to both had stomachaches today too....WEIRD!!!!!

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