Friday, October 4, 2013

My not so new shoes....


About 4 months ago I said I was going to do a post on my "new shoes". Sadly, I haven't gotten around to posting the picture until now... (not good - sorry)

They are Vans that I got at Goodwill for $8! What a find! I had been REALLY wanting a pair of Vans for a long time. I never thought I would buy a pair of shoes at Goodwill.
I was with my Aunt, when I decided to browse the shoe section for my sis, who was in the hospital. Sure enough, I spotted these and wanted to do a squeal of joy and a happy dance right there in Goodwill!

The white shoes laces were replaced with neon green ones.

Thanks Goodwill (and Vans) for giving me a pair of shoes that I  can wear all the time!


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