Monday, September 2, 2013

School is starting + Happy Labor Day

Hey all and welcome back to school!
One week after Hawaii I headed out for a road trip to Utah. My aunt and uncle (and my cousins) are Christian missionaries there. Their church website is here - check it out!! I love their church so much!
I started school about a week ago. I meant to blog...yet time always slips away from me. About halfway through the summer I promised my mom that if I could redo my room, I would keep it clean.  So far it's worked pretty well! I might post some pics when I'm fully done painting. My cousin and his family went to New York this summer. While there, my cousin (who is 16) entered a Lego contest. He was named one of the 40-some odd winners!!! YAY! He gets to have his Lego creation next to another Lego artist (if that's what you want to call it) in Time Square! This is his SECOND Lego win! Pretty cool!

I'm starting a science class tomorrow. It's going to be hard...but I'm up for the challenge! Since I'm home schooled, my mom was going to buy a curriculum for science. (The science class I took last year is not being offered this year.) I asked if there was any other science class I could take that would be a little more challenging. That is how I got enrolled in the Biola Star classes!

Today consisted of going to Soup Plantation (one of my families favorite restaurants), and then going shopping for some fall/school clothes! (that's always fun!)

bye for now....



My Dad's birthday was yesterday!! hehe!

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