Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Up Date:


here's an up-date:

So I came back from Hawaii exactly one week from yesterday. (bitter-sweet)
I know I haven't posted stuff in like A LONG time. I'm going to start it up again...hopefully.
When school starts the posts will probably die down again....I'm just committed to school work and getting good grades! I'll be posting pics of our trip plus some other fun stuff! Now I just have to find the time to do it!!

My summer has been a busy one. First with my papa getting sick, then my ballet show, the next surprise was my dad getting sick only days before we left for Hawaii - the last part to my busy summer.
It's been fun yet stressful...that's how my life has always been. I'm always trying to keep balance between the two.

From Friday through Saturday I got to go to my very first 'lock-in' with my youth group! (it's a retreat for the jr highers and high schoolers. The only difference is that they stay at their church.) I attend a different church on Sundays, and go to my youth group at a different church. (I just like it better)

Then Sunday my dad FINALLY consented to our family getting Facebook!! (don't get on my case! I have wanted it for a LONG time!!!)

Yesterday (Monday) we went to a place called scooter's jungle. It's an indoor inflatable jumper place (hard to explain but totally awesome) After that, I went to ballet. It was the first ballet class I'd had since my show!

Today my family and I are going to watch the new movie Turbo! Sounds fun!
I might do a little 'review' sort of thing after the movie...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! :D
It means more than any words could say!

-A.C. (HE>i)

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