Thursday, October 10, 2013

You know you are a dancer when...

Hey all!
Here's a post for all my fellow dancers out there! 

You Know You Are A Dancer When...
1. People notice when you have your hair down
2. Your excuse for things is "I have dance"
3. You have 5 pairs of dance shoes and 3 pairs of street shoes (or something like that)
4. You are more concerned about getting to the next level in ballet then you are about school pictures
5. When you go shopping, its at a dance store
6. (if you take ballet) French is your second language (if it's not already your first)
7. You know how to apply false eye lashes before you are ten
8. When you are doing your homework, you stretch in the splits
9.You have to clip your toenails strait across (if you are on pointe)
10. Your dance bag is just as full as your backpack

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